The Big Mountain Academy

The academy was developed as a school consisting of highly qualified Instructors teaching skills, for a variety of Mountain related activities and sports, focused on providing high quality structured learning for Biking and Trail Running.

Canadian Chainsaw Programs for Ages 5-17

To pay tribute to Stevie Smith and to embrace his Legacy.

The 2013 DH World Cup series champion, known as the Canadian "Chainsaw" was 26 years old and ranked 12th in the world at the time of his passing. Stevie Smith inspired us, as well as Canadians countrywide. Stevie worked very hard to become one of the sport’s best but also, he was an incredible human being. These programs will develop well rounded riders by covering a variety of mountain bike skills related to XC, Enduro, DH while using skill practices and games. All programs have mixed gender groups unless specified.

Mini Chainsaws Age 5-14

This is the perfect opportunity to experience the thrill of mountain biking in a safe and structured environment while refining some fundamentals skills and exploring our amazing trail network.

Chainsaw Ext'd Age 8-17

This program has been developed for young riders who are ready for the next step. They will expand their limits and find a higher level of excitement. These riders will learn how to jump, drop and shred on various trails.

The Chainsaw Project

High performance program. Training focused on athletes who are preparing to compete.

Wicked Women Camps

Crux offers a series of weekend clinics that are ability-based and geared specifically to each group. The groups are just the right size to facilitate more focused learning, we also have shuttle services for each group to access more terrain, increase the time spent working on descending skills and trail flow.

Beginner Clinics

Focus on core skills to aid you by building the most solid foundation to begin riding like a pro from day 1.

Intermediate Clinics

Focus on the skills you have by understanding body positions in all types of terrain and setting you up for success on those tricky obstacles.

Advanced Clinics

Focus on energy conservation, more in-depth body positions, skill building, line choice, bike fitting and more... To make you comfortable in all situations.

Drops/Jumps Clinics

Focus on body positioning to set you up for success for 1 foot to 10 foot drops and everything in between.

Trail Running

Everyone starts somewhere – sometimes it’s the couch, and sometimes it’s the desire to transition from road running to trail running.

Whether you’re just starting out, looking to up your game, or wanting to try something new, our expert-led clinics give you the know-how to get off to a running start.